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On September 11, 2001, the United States was attacked by terrorists.  This was life changing for all U.S. citizens. We were simply glued to the TV, and people started praying as never before. John Mudd wanted to do his part for the country and the world. He developed a website called Pray for Peace.com that reached everyone via email.  Two prayers were sent out daily and were translated in the languages of more than one hundred countries.  Everyone receiving his email was praying for peace. His intent was to have millions of voices reaching to God.

His mission statement on his website read:

Although we may feel helpless as individuals, together we have a power far greater then any evil that exists on earth. It is our belief that we can bring about world peace through universal prayer. Twice daily a universal prayer for peace will travel around the globe.

He spent many hours developing this website. His words were always so inspiring. When asked how he wrote the beautiful words, he said, “I ask the Holy Spirit what I should write, and then I wait until I get a tingling sensation through the back of my neck. It is then that the words just simply flow out as I type.” His mother said she watched as the tears flowed when he realized it was not himself, but the Holy Spirit who had used John to get these words out. He was so humbled. Later John chose 159 of these prayers and put them together into a book called Gift of Peace

He was a man of many talents. Rarely would a week pass that he didn't have some new idea to share with you. He was creative, intelligent, generous and kind with an infectious smile and laugh.

He was the founder of an exquisite line of candles and botanicals called “True” by Joseph Thomas. Since his passing, his business is now in the hands of new owners who are carrying out his plans just as he would have. You can visit their website at www.josephthomastrue.com to get a better look.

John's prayers tell much about him, who he was and what he believed in. You will be taken aback by the depth and beauty of his words. His prayers for peace are not just about the war, but about peace in our daily lives. In his humble relationship with God, he prays for an end to racial oppression, an end to prejudices, for the lonely, the abused, the wealthy, the poor, for the leaders of our society, for newborns, teens, parents, soldiers and our enemies. He prays not only for those who are suffering with illness, but for the caregivers and family members who love them. He asks not to be judged by our weaknesses, but by the love we have for others. He asks God to bring peace to those who are unable to forgive. He reminds us to be aware that we are here for today only. In a moment our lives may change. In one prayer, John says, ”May I live until I die,” and he did. His life was lived to the fullest.

About The Author

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